Philadelphia Financial Scholars

Empowering Philadelphia students and their families

About Philadelphia Financial Scholars

We believe access to financial and entrepreneurship education is critical to overcoming systemic economic barriers.

Philadelphia Financial Scholars’ roots date back to 2016, when the FS Foundation, the philanthropic arm of FS Investments, partnered with the University of Pennsylvania’s Netter Center for Community Partnerships to create a financial literacy program for high school students. Since that time, the program has expanded significantly and now includes in-class financial literacy education, after-school entrepreneurship training, a summer business accelerator program at The Wharton School, and a nights-and-weekends curriculum for the teachers, families and caregivers of our students. The program is currently operating in 15 schools, both public and charter, and has reached thousands of students and families.

Building on this proven model, members of the Philadelphia financial services community, as well as several law firms, accounting firms and community organizations, have come together to expand the program and reach more teachers, families and students with these critical financial literacy and entrepreneurship programs.

The current landscape

Only 16% of students nationwide are required to take a personal finance class to graduate high school.1

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Financial education for students

Our financial literacy program, delivered by teachers in the classroom, teaches students how to make smart financial decisions, budget and save for the future.

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Entrepreneurship incubator for students

Powered by FS Investments employees and Wharton business students, Philadelphia Financial Scholars’ entrepreneurship-focused after-school program teaches students how to develop a business plan while thinking critically and creatively.

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Education for parents + caretakers

Our parent program, educates parents, caretakers and community members on a variety of financial concepts including smart shopping, saving for life events, and introductory investing.

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