For Teachers & Schools

Curriculum & Professional Development

Philadelphia Financial Scholars provides everything a school needs to launch a new Personal Finance & Entrepreneurship course.

Our program includes:

  • Curriculum, curated from open-source NextGenPersonalFinance materials, that is aligned with the National Standards for Personal Financial Education
  • Professional development and implementation support for teachers through 26 hours of Continuing Education credits per year
  • Activities-rich unit and lesson plans that foster deep engagement with the material, including vital simulations of real world financial decision-making

This course teaches students how to make smart financial decisions and build a strong financial future.

“I think this should always be a class and I wish I had it earlier on because it’s very useful and opens your mind to the real world…classes like this should be offered in every school.”

–12th grade student, Preparatory Charter School

Entrepreneurship incubator

Our entrepreneurship-focused after-school workshops, which are powered by local business leaders and university students, teach students how to develop a business plan while thinking critically and creatively. The workshops culminate with a competition that serves as a showcase for student work, offering participants the opportunity to earn $1,000 seed investments in their new ventures as well as scholarships for university-hosted business incubator programs.

For Parents

Adult-centered financial empowerment

Our six-week virtual financial empowerment workshops are designed to give school staff, parents, and caregivers the information they need to achieve financial wellness.

The first 20 people who register for each workshop series will receive a $250 contribution to their child’s 529 or other qualifying education savings account once they have attended all six sessions!

Information provided in these seminars is for educational purposes only. PFS does not provide investment advice. Everyone’s financial situation is unique, and the products and strategies discussed may not be right for your circumstances.

For Volunteers & Sponsors

High quality volunteer opportunities

Philadelphia Financial Scholars brings resources and talent from the financial services community into our city’s classrooms.

Our sponsors united in the belief that access to financial and entrepreneurship education is critical to overcoming systemic economic barriers.

We greatly value the assistance of volunteers in fulfilling our mission. We coordinate with sponsors to create high-quality engagement opportunities with our partner schools and students. We ask volunteers to consider a 5-hour commitment to our students and provide training and support in obtaining necessary clearances.

The creativity and passion of the students in the program is remarkable.  Having the opportunity to help cultivate their ideas by providing insight and practical business experience was extremely rewarding.”

–Tom Kerr, 2022 Mentor and Co-Head of Investments at Hamilton Lane

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