For students

Financial education

Our Personal Finance & Entrepreneurship course teaches students how to make smart financial decisions and build a strong financial future.

Our program includes:

  • Curriculum, curated from open-source NextGenPersonalFinance materials, that is aligned with the National Standards for Personal Financial Education
  • Professional development and implementation support for teachers through 26 hours of Continuing Education credits per year
  • Activities-rich unit and lesson plans that foster deep engagement with the material, including vital simulations of real world financial decision-making

Entrepreneurship incubator

Our entrepreneurship-focused after-school program, which is Our entrepreneurship-focused after-school workshops, which are powered by local business leaders and university students, teach students how to develop a business plan while thinking critically and creatively. The workshops culminate with a competition that serves as a showcase for student work, offering participants the opportunity to earn $1,000 seed investments in their new ventures.

For parents and caretakers

Adult-centered financial empowerment

Our program provides financial empowerment sessions to parents, caretakers and community members on a variety of financial concepts including budgeting, borrowing, saving for life events, and introductory investing.

Become a partner school

New schools are invited to apply each April during national Financial Literacy Month. Applicant criteria and partnership expectations can be found here.

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